Equity and Debt Fundraising

We work with companies at various stages in their lifecycle and help them raise private capital through VCs, PE firms, strategic partners or through various debt instruments through banks or NBFCs. We help identify the most suitable structure for meeting our clients’ financing needs.

Financial Modeling, Returns IRR & Payback

We work with companies to forecast a company’s financial performance. Also, work using IRR in capital budgeting to compare the profitability of capital projects in terms of the rate of return.

Vetting of Capex & other Assumptions

Given the expensive nature of capital expenditures, USS Global closely works with corporates and monitor’s how much debt is being taken on by a company to ensure the money is being spent wisely.

Bid Advisory

USS Global represents the client at the pre-bid conference. Ensure that client’s organization has fulfilled the compliance with local bidding pro- “accesses and with the respective tendering authority.

New Age Account Management

Work with the client and software developer to design appropriate customized software for client’s current and future accounting needs to optimize their efficiency and error-free reporting.